Semi-Precious Gemstones and Their Properties Continued

Lapis Lazuli - from the Latin, 'lapis', which mode stone, and from azul (Arabic) objective light-blue.

Description- a witty indigo metamorphic rock, calm of minerals such as as lazurite, sodalite, fool's gold and spar. The top-quality superior lapis lapis lazuli have a powerful foggy navy with insignificant areas of albescent spar and argentiferous pyrite.

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Characteristics of the Gem- The concentrated dismal chromatic stone is slightly soft, 5.5 on Moh's enormity. Luster is humour to slippery and solid structures ebb and flow depending on the sandstone oeuvre.

Holistic Properties- is for psyche/body/soul relationship to the higher friendly self. Is aforementioned to change magnitude anxiety, construct overall unit/mind relaxation and changes shadows to lantern/ denial to positive, besides called 'night stone'

Folklore- Known by the Romans as a well-built aphrodisiacal. In the Middle ages it was used to keep the guns and staying power in perfect wellbeing and giving off the soul from envy, panic or slip-up.

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Sourcing- Afghanistan mines the top-grade talent cavernous flushed stones, also, ignitor stones saved in Chile, Russia and the US

History- In Renaissance paintings, the superb blue limestone was bottom up and put into the color ultramarine, which was previously owned to color sky, sea and thing cerulean. It's being in retail is apparent in the past municipal of Ur as early as 4th time period B.C. Lapis Lazuli is likewise seen from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome in adornments for majestic jewels and other than amulets.

Topaz -from Sanskrit 'tapas', aim blaze.

Description- Topaz exists in an earthbound compass. Deep aureate ashen and cerise have the great plus point. Blue Topaz exists, with colour improvement done irradiation.

Characteristics of the Gem- Topaz has an orthorhombic crystal artifact and rates 8 on Moh's touchstone. Topaz once in a while has tear-shaped cavities all-inclusive a gas slosh or diverse incompatible liquids. Some have diamond-shaped cross-sectional attributes near striations moving the physical property of the nugget.

Holistic Properties- A impressive remedial small rock that encourages wellbeing. It attracts love, enables power and promotes style. Topaz has learned profession benefits in relief insomnia, bronchial asthma and hemorrhages.

Folklore- The Greeks believed it made the user barely discernible when previously owned in exigency. Topaz was utilised to expel liking and aided in correcting vision. Its secret and reviving attributes were regimented by the waxing and disappearing of the satellite.

Sourcing- Topaz is found in temperature rocks- in pegmatite's, granites and volcanic lavas. Locations cover Brazil, US, Pakistan, Tasmania, Australia, Russia and Mexico.

History- Some established Topaz gemstones: The Giant Braganza (originally unwise as a gem) from the Portuguese Crown, two fundamentally life-sized and beautiful Topaz in museum collections, the Green Vault in Dresden and The Smithsonian Institute's "Hall of Giants". Historically, Topaz has been related beside the sun as the Egyptians attributed its gilt glow to the sun god Ra and the Romans related to it with their god of the sun, Jupiter.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 20) Month: November

Citrine - derived from French 'Citron' meaning lemon

Description- A wan yellowish or, when boil treated, golden yellowish seed that acquires its color from hint amounts of iron.

Characteristics of the Gem- is a derivation of quartz, 7 on Moh's toughness standard.

Holistic Properties- said to do euphoria and self-esteem, frustrating properties hostile proclivity for killing.

Gem- In primeval times, the gem was used, eroded or carried as an rough-and-ready defending team against bane judgment and snake venom. Sourcing- Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.

Zodiac & Birthstone: Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 22)

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