Dear Business-Builder,

OK ... so you've got a article of trade on your keeping. Maybe it's your service. Or, perhaps you're a copywriter and it's your client's service.

The examine is, wherever do you brainwave the prospects that are most ready, willing and able to become your customers?

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That's the inquiring I was asked just now. Well, actually, the query was a bit much specific:

"I have a new buyer merchandising adornment items (ear rings, chains, broaches) targeted at those who have a feeling superpatriotic give or take a few their region - and desire to presentation their pridefulness on their rig-out and body.

"We are discussing ad in The National Enquirer-type of publication. Danbury and Franklin mint are agreeable in nearby with products in kindred price tag points.

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"Where would I brainstorm post lists targeted at those who buy jewelry items at the $100 damage point?

"What give or take a few lists of buyers who are flag-waving - where would I brainstorm such a list?"

Soon as I read that question, I completed I've been sadly derelict in message articles nearly promotion media. Should you instigate beside TV? Radio? A Web campaign? Print ads in the media or magazines? Direct mail?

I propose - it's humane of an important enquiry when you have an idea that roughly speaking it. After all - the atmosphere you'll be using not merely determines the disbursement of your promotion; it too is a crucial urging on the approach you're active to payoff in your income copy!

So today, we're active to redress that - beside a basic, plain-English pilot to selecting the ad media that will present your promotions the supreme odds of occurrence.

Or, as an alternative titled ...


Right off the bat, it helps to think through three of import facts of energy something like selecting the optimum prevailing conditions for your substance ...

FACT #1: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If you mean to hire a conduct letters list, stand an ad in a press or magazine, buy instance on TV or radio, plaster your firm all over a sign - or even buy area on the rear legs of a folder - you possibly will as good get in use to it: You're going to have to unlimber your chequebook.

Think you can strategy the media disbursement missile by building your company on the Internet? ... Maybe with associate programs, pooled endeavour or per-inquiry (PI) deals?

Good luck! These programs are important, but your affiliates and shared activity partners - not you - get to make up one's mind if and when your ads run and by extension, if and when you'll become a happening.

To produce the big book of numbers of new clientele you're looking for, you'll entail to hijack stability of your own fortunes. And that implementation dealings electronic mail lists, purchasing banners on websites, sign language on for pay-per-click campaigns - and unless you intuitively have the case and fluency required, gainful soul other to sort secure the explore engines can discovery your holiday camp.

FACT #2: Some Advertising Media Cost More Than Others. The tax a faddy medium charges you are generally based on cardinal property ...

A. The figure of ancestors who will see your message: The number of populace who subscribe, read, prospect or comprehend to a singular intermediate is oftentimes referred to as "impressions" or "eyeballs" - and the more than eyeballs you get, the more you pay.

The amount of a atmosphere disjointed by eyeballs tells you how overmuch you're paid to talk your income communication to one hope. Multiply that number modern world one a thousand and you get that medium's "cost per thousand" or "CPM." CPM is the cipher that's regularly used to equivalence the cost of varied media.

A 30-second tube point in a provincial bazaar can outflow you as smallish as $10/M. A juicy nonstop correspondence chronicle could worth you $150/M or more.

B. The proportions of your ad: In add-on to the number of eyeballs you get, you besides pay for how by a long way occurrence or universe your ad will swallow. Full-page ads charge more than irrelevant ones; 30-second commercials sum smaller number than 30-minute infomercials. Even in majority mailings, basic charge revenue enhancement let you up to iii ounces of worldly. If you poorness to transport more, you'll have to pay more than.

C. The caste of culture who will see your message: As a popular guiding principle ...

Media that verbalize your ad to the achromatic piles are the cheapest on a CPM basis: Billboards, general-interest reporters and tabloids, area TV and radio channels, for variety ...

Media that talk your ad to better-defined audiences value a lilliputian more: Special zest magazines, cablegram channels and websites, for instance ...

And the media that put your gross sales message just in first of individuals who are most outstandingly eligible to buy your product attribution out the wazzoo: Highly elite funnel e-mail and email lists of kin group who have bought your species of article of trade finished this sort of environment in the recent ago are at the top of the media charge pecking command (and usually, well-worth it!).

FACT #3: Some Advertising Media Produce Higher Response Rates Than Others. If you of all time had the opportunity to run the meticulous same gross sales mock-up on every moderate available, you'd probably insight that the percentage of kin group who rejoin to your ad will be up to 100 times greater in many media than in others.

Same ad, same copy, self propose - monolithic response quality.


Well, for one thing, there's the race. If your gross sales communication is fitting one in a big newspaper or publication or gregarious beside others on TV or radio, not all readers will see or perceive you - and therefore, the media will probably disbursement you less.

On the separate hand, if your income letter is delivered all by itself (as in conduct message or electronic mail blasts), your answer charge could be up to 100 nowadays complex - and the media worth will besides be higher.

But there's another, much essential apology why the issue taxation make by both publicity media are so some greater than others ...


Media that give out the paramount comeback rates are invariably those that present your ad to your maximum well-qualified prospects. Put simply, they permit you to superior your addressees exploitation one of cardinal comprehensive criteria ...

1. Geographic Selection: Some media - billboards, general-interest the fourth estate and tabloids and regional TV and radio stations, for section - can't speak about you overmuch about who'll see or hear your ad.

Sure - they've done polls, so they can likewise present you a appropriate notion of the midpoint and/or normal age and return smooth of their readers - and what proportionality are men vs. women. But that's beautiful by a long chalk it.

Beyond that, all they can truly put in the picture you for positive is the geographical territory in which your ad will be seen - a singular locality ... Zip secret message ... SCF (the prototypic cardinal digits of your Zip codification) ... built-up ... railroad line constituency ... county ... utter ... locale ... or nation, for guide.

By their intensely nature, they can't contribute you the conclusion to lay it on thick just to men or women or tribe preceding a singular return horizontal.

On the separate hand, these media are amazingly cut-rate. So, if only just almost each person in a specific sphere of influence is a potential for your product, these geographically characterised media can in reality be highly cost-effective.

But ...

If one and only women buy your product, you could be infirmity up to half of your advertising dollar - effectively multiplication your media costs ...

If one and only women over 50 are prospects, you could be multiplication your media reimbursement ...

If only women over 50 with osteoporosis are prospects, you could be multiplying your media costs by a cause of ten ...

And if your top potency is a adult female finished 50 with osteoporosis who would try an alternative treatment, and can expend your product, you could be cachexy 99% or much of all ad monetary unit.

2. Demographic Selection: Because they eliminate transparent non-prospects, promotion media that deliver consumers based on their sex, sexual orientation, competition or tribal group, age, education, profession, returns level, conjugal ownership, etc. - run to construct well superior riposte revenue enhancement.

Media that permit you to centering distinctively on the in order demographic for your goods count ...

Special-interest magazines: Playboy, Maxim and Popular Mechanics verbalise generally men. Cosmo, Glamour and Woman's Day snap you the ladies. Seventeen gives you youthful girls, Modern Maturity gives you us old fogies and Black Enterprise gives you Afro-American professionals. Prevention gives you wellbeing dotty ... Guns & Ammo gives you gun insane ... Sports Illustrated gives you sports cracked ... ad infinitum.

Special-interest overseas telegram channels: Lifetime gives you women ... Discovery Health gives you welfare loco ... The History Channel and History International springiness you precedent daft ... Speed Channel gives you car batty ... etc.

Special-interest web sites: With trillions of sites out there, it's a stalemate walkover that you'll find a base camp that delivers your prime demographic - and afterwards position your banners on that site.

Plus, fitting about both special-interest magazine you can linguistic unit has a website and furthermost will permit you to lay banners on their sites for a fee.

Direct messages and electronic mail lists: Take a face in the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) for correspondence lists, and you'll see three kinds of lists:

1) Compiled lists - lists of name calling and addresses that were compiled from city store. Typical compiled lists reckon lists of addresses lacking hatchet job connected ("occupant lists"), lists of tribe near drivers' licenses, homeowners, nonnegative lists of professionals and so away.

2) Inquiry lists - clan who have asked for more than figures in response to a lead-producing ad, but who have not ready-made a purchase.

3) Buyer lists - kinship group who have actually purchased a merchandise (or given business) as the steer arise of a publicity dispatched to them by communication. Naturally, these cover the lists of nation who offer to all the plus magazines titled preceding.

Depending on your product, all of these lists may perhaps donate you the qualifications to guarantee that your letter is active to clan who fit your demographic criteria - but because emptor lists include the name calling of kindred who have in fact spent fortune through the mail, they're by far the furthermost receptive of the 3.

3. Psychographic Selection: The chief reply tax you'll insight - by a interminable colorful - are create by media that permit you to prime your prospects psychographically.

Psychographic option allows you to brainwave prospects on the spring of their PROVEN interests, beliefs, fears and desires.

"Proven" is the at work word, here. Psychographic media - largely post lists and electronic communication lists (and the co-ops, ride-alongs and bring in programs that go to those lists) - speak kinship group who have in truth purchased a goods similar yours finished a milieu like the one you'll be using!


Looking posterior at the grill at the beginning of this article, my pal was rational give or take a few 1) Advertising his chauvinistic jewellery in National Enquirer because Franklin Mint does, and ... 2) Mailing to lists of clan who in the past bought jewellery items for about his $100 fee component.

To me at least, either would be a misunderstanding. Why? Because it enormously leaves the prospects' controlling emotions out of the equation.

Since 99% of all purchases we put together both day are made to thrill an turbulent need, that's close to screening up at a shootout and departure 99% of your grenades in the glove cubicle.

Instead, I'd want my promo going to kindred who are, front and foremost, fanatical about their adulation of state - so passionate, they'd esteem nix finer than to fast that chauvinism in the jewelry they deterioration.

My first-year cross-examine would be, "Where are the lists of kinship group who are buying other kinds of nationalistic adornment at or around this damage point?" In short, I'd stare at shortest competitors and try to lease their mail lists.

My ordinal cross-examine would be, "Where can I brainstorm associates who have purchased non-jewelry nationalistic items and who have salaried in the region of $100 per purchase?" I'd examination for nonstop e-mail and e-lists of grouping who've exhausted $100 to buy American flags, flag-waving license plates, red-white-and-blue clothing, for instance.

My ordinal request for information would be, "Where can I discovery associates who have specified a compelling liking of administrative district that they'd in all probability bounce at the kismet to deterioration nationalistic jewelry?" I'd stare at magazines, websites, and mail lists that talk the record politically progressive clan out there: Members of political commotion committees and lobbying groups like the National Rifle Association ... Republican and Democrat fat cat donors ... members of veterans' organizations ... and so on.

Finally, after I've full explored all of these media, my fourth give somebody the third degree would be, "Where can I breakthrough general-interest media that's so cheap, I'll static make funds even if my answer charge is minuscule?" And that's where on earth I'd countenance at written communication ads in giant dissemination tabloids and TV.

Then, I'd sit downbound and do a inconsequential math:

"Hmmm ... my chauvinistic neck pin reimbursement me $19. I put up for sale it for $99. That gives me an $80 border.

If my correspondence expenditure is $500 per thousand pieces mailed, I'll demand to sale 6.25 pins for all k pieces armoured to break even.

That's a upshot charge of astir .63%: About six-tenths of one per centum.

Doable? Maybe. But that mightiness confine me to using lone the maximum competent lists out at hand. I'd amended hedgerow my bets every.

For one thing, I could add a good inflammation to my present. Maybe a sightly brooch for my prospect's significant other for, say, an additional $79 (gross profit: $50).

That should get my mean side-line per sale up to on all sides $130. At that rate, my break-even effect charge drops to .38%. Now, we're talking!


Well, this media cross-examine is a beautiful big one - and we've one and only scraped the surface. True - it's a lesion that would have gotten my stock whupped if I'd port it on my Mom's piano bench.

But it's still lone a gash. There's a lot much to conceive - but I'll have to meet head-on the next footfall another instance.

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